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ACNEMED Blackhead Nose Mask

ACNEMED Blackhead Nose Mask

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Acnemed Blackhead Nose Mask is a mask for nose area that helps to remove blackhead and dead skin cells. Enriched with Chamomile extract and Witch hazel to help shrink the pores, prevent acne formation, moisture the skin. It also contains Allantonin to help reduce irritation and redness.


1. Chamomile extract 

  • Contains powerful antioxidant 
  • Accelerates cell and tissue renewal
  • Protect skin form free radical damage

2. Witch hazel  

  •  Naturally soothes blackhead-prone skin with anti inflammatory properties
  •  Pore tightening properties

3. Charcoal  

  • Effectively clears clogged pores of dirt and impurities that cause acne, blackheads and whiteheads

4. Allantonin 

  • Protects skin, helps to prevent and relieve dry


Apply on the nose area after cleansing. Leave it until completely dried then peel it off.

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