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ACNEMED CC Lotion Natural SPF 38+ PA+++

ACNEMED CC Lotion Natural SPF 38+ PA+++

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Acnemed CC Lotion Natural SPF 38+ PA+++ is formulated with light texture and oil free formula.It helps fade uneven skin tone, moisturize and cover the skin’s imperfection such as dull skin, dark spots or acne scars.

It contains sunscreen agent to help protect the skin from harmful effects of UV rays and free radicals.Water Base Oil Control, Correcting & Cover

Ingredients :

1. Witch hazel 

  •  Naturally soothes blackhead-prone skin with anti inflammatory properties
  •  Pore tightening properties 

2. Salicylic Acid 

  •  Exfoliating the skin, unclogged pores and keeping the pores cleans

3. Aloe Vera

  • possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties 


Apply evenly on the face and neck. Reapply if necessary.

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