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Seductive Bee



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Armando Caruso enhances your appearance with the utmost quality implements that you can trust. The Mixing Palette comes with a spatula, the perfect and new innovative way of blending. Designed with the makeup artist in mind, these palettes allow you to apply makeup more perfectly than ever before. The high quality stainless steel material allows possibilities to use all types of products, even acetone!

When mixing base and concealer products to create a custom color, this palette and spatula duo, scrapes - blends - mixes different consistencies and formulas into a new creation. It also blends together pigments and powder products with ease. Comes with a pouch for travel use.

Care Instructions:
- Always clean before and after each use for hygiene purpose.
- Wash with Armando Caruso Liquid Brush Cleanser and rinse.
- Leave to dry.
- Stainless Steel

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