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CHARDE - 86% Hawaiian Deep Ocean Water Ampoule Mist

CHARDE - 86% Hawaiian Deep Ocean Water Ampoule Mist

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A mist that works as a makeup fixer. Your hair won't attach to your skin once you apply this mist.

 An ampoule mist that contains 86% Deep Sea Water from Hawai instead of purified water. The deep sea water is the optimum cosmetic material as a functional water for its cleanliness & minerals.

The ingredients in the mist include Madecassoside and Cetella extract that are effective for heal damages, moisture, and regeneration. While Abalone, Sea Squirt and Honey help to boost collagen production.

● Contains 86% deep sea water of Hawaii instead of purified water

● 60 Degree angle of ultra-fine mist perfect for the face angle

● Safe by using compressed air and not nitrogen gas

● Does not waste a drop of mist by utilizing a pouch

● Clean, refreshing, and moisturizing application that avoids any hair attaching the skin

● Works as a makeup fixer

● Absolutely safe from irritation and completion of the non-stimulation test (0.00%)

● Rated EWG Green for all ingredients

● The Centella extract and Madecassoside are effective for soothing the skin

● Includes abalone collagen, sea squirt skin extract, and honey extract that boost the skin.

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