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ESME Juicy Apple Cold Organic Wax

ESME Juicy Apple Cold Organic Wax

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Esme Cold Organic Wax does not only remove unwanted hair but lightens skin too, removes dead skin cells and makes your skin soft to touch.

100% organic!!

- Easy to do it yourself waxing at home
- Formulated for all skin type
- Safe for sensitive skin
- 100% better than shaving
- No more "Chicken Skin"
- Non Greasy
- Slow hair growth
- Lighten and moisturize Skin
- Very Affordable
- Remove dead skin instantly

How to use:

- No strip/cloth. No heating required. (unless its too hard, just microwave not more than 5 seconds or put it on hot water not more than 2 minutes)
- Wash and dry your hands and the area to be waxed
- For first timer: you may consider sprinkle baby powder all over the area you want to wax
- Remove a small amount of sugaring from the jar
- Knead the cold wax
- Just spread it directly across the area in the direction of the hair growth
- Pull off quickly the opposite direction. Repeat untill all unwanted hair is gone.

Happy Waxing!!
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